• Medical Travel Spain Knee & Hip

  • Medical Travel Spain Knee & Hip

  • Medical Travel Spain Knee & Hip

  • Medical Travel Spain Knee & Hip

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Are you experiencing knee or hip pain and require the best medical care for the problem? If so, the best option is our Spanish Knee & Hip Rehabilitation Plan.

The Spanish Knee & Hip Rehabilitation Plan offers an intensive rehabilitation programme with the additional option to combine this with orthopaedic surgery, such as a knee replacement, an arthroscopy or ligament reconstruction. Our knee & hip plan is designed for people who need to get rid of their painful knee or hip as soon as possible and become fit under professional supervision in an environment that encourages health, fitness and satisfaction.

If you need medical intervention, it is done in the International Hospital Clinica Benidorm. Medical aftercare and rehabilitation takes place in the International Medifit Rehabilitation Centre. The Spanish Knee & Hip Rehabilitation Plan is a unique partnership between the Hospital Clinica Benidorm and Medifit, situated on the Costa Blanca.

Our Knee & Hip Rehabilitation Plan is accepted by the VGZ, Unive, Triassic and IZA. This means that the entire knee or hip prosthesis placement surgery, coupled with an intensive rehabilitation programme, is reimbursed by medical funds. We use the latest surgical methods and an intensive “internal” rehabilitation programme that ensures that our patients are able to revert to their normal daily activities after only 4 weeks.

Ultra-Modern Techniques
It is also possible to participate in the rehabilitation programme after you have had surgery in your own country or if you want to rehabilitate your knee or hip joint in order to avoid possible knee or hip surgery. In our treatment we use the very latest treatment techniques. Our methods have been proved to rapidly restore knee and hip problems, enabling you to return to your daily activities without pain. Many of our previous patients have proved our treatment results to be excellent. 

  • Medical Travel Spain Knee & Hip Hospital BenidormThe Hospital Clínica Benidorm is a modern, international private hospital on the Costa Blanca in Spain. It is equipped with the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment, which makes it a leading hospital in terms of its investment in technology and knowledge.

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  • Medical Travel Spain Rehabilitation Centre Knee & Hip

    The Medifit Rehabilitation Centre is the most advanced rehabilitation centre in the province of Alicante. It is equipped with the most modern equipment and has an experienced team of top international therapists specialist in the knee and hip rehabilitation.

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  • Medical Travel Spain Rehabilitation Centre Knee & Hip

    In 2010 we were one of the top 4 private hospitals in Spain. In 2008 the Hospital Clínica Benidorm was awarded the first prize in the “Large Private Hospitals” category. In 2004 we were finalists, as well as being third in Spain and the best in the Valencian community. We are certified ISO 9002:2008 by Aenor in all the central departments of the hospital.

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  • Medical Travel Spain Operation Knee & HipThe partnership between the Spanish Knee/Hip Rehabilitation Plan and the Hospital Clinica Benidorm is very highly regarded in the field of knee surgery. The placing of prostheses is the most important aspect of this partnership.

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  • Medical Travel Spain Rehabilitation Knee & Hip

    Rehabilitation therapy and medical aftercare is supplied by top international physiotherapists and doctors. The Spanish Knee and Hip Rehabilitation Plan is known for its successful modern rehabilitation programmes that use the most advanced equipment.

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  • Medical Travel Spain Articles Knee & HipAll our surgical and rehabilitation programmes are based on the latest available research. All our employees are obliged to stay informed by regularly attending extra training opportunities and relevant conferences. If you are interested in the latest developments on which we base our programmes, you can click “Read More”. This will give you a choice of several interesting articles to read.

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While you may use this offer to make an informed decision, we offer it without obligation.

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