About Us

We are a care group consisting of the Hospital Clinica Benidorm and the Medifit Rehabilitation Clinic. We have been in a partnership for many years and we specialise in surgical and rehabilitation programmes.

The hospital HCB is known as one of the best private hospitals in Spain. The Medifit Rehabilitation Centre has a professional team of physiotherapists who specialise in knee and hip rehabilitation. Through years of close collaboration with orthopaedic doctors, we have acquired extensive “hands-on” experience in the treatment of various knee & hip, muscle and bone disorders. We guide and monitor the patient through the whole rehabilitation process. Our goal is to provide high quality care and effective rehabilitation. This holistic approach is what makes us unique.


The Team

Our team specialises in the treatment of knee and hip disorders. A team of orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists managed by a dedicated management team ensures that all procedures run smoothly. We carefully manage all administrative tasks to enable you to focus on the surgical intervention and rehabilitation after the operation. Prior to surgery, an extensive evaluation examination is done and the surgery and rehabilitation is based on what the examination reveals. We are particularly skilled in the treatment and rehabilitation of ligament injuries, knee/hip replacements and arthroscopies. Furthermore, we are constantly adjusting our techniques and training our staff to employ the latest methods and techniques.
Since we are an international hospital and rehabilitation centre are under international management it is obvious that you can talk to us in many languages as English, German, Dutch, Franch and Spansih. When you return to your country we will provide a medical report in your own language. If necessary we will also contact your doctor or specialist.

Below is an overview of the key personnel who are involved in the International Knee & Hip Clinic Concept:

  • Dr. Mart-Jan Rongen: Medical Coordinator/Manager
  • Ana Vasbinder: Logistics Manager
  • Miguel Martorell: Rehabilitation Coordinator/Physiotherapist (OMT)
  • Gerard Krol: Rehabilitation Coordinator/Physiotherapist (OMT)
  • Dr. Eric Campagnard: Orthopaedist
  • Dr. Jeroen M. Braat: Cardiologist
  • Dr. Marteen Vasbinder: Medical Director
  • Albert Beekhuis: General Practitioner
  • Paul Goudriaan: Physiotherapist
  • Rafa Abbott: Physiotherapist
  • Ruby Springer: Dietician, Physiotherapist
  • Robert Vandevelde: Acupuncturist
  • Rian van Rijsbergen: Physiotherapist
  • Mayke Voorthuis: Podiatrist
  • Brenda Vlemmings: Operational Coordinator
  • Jacqueline Quaaden: Administative Coordinator
  • Charo Gezel: Adminstartive Coordinator
  • Jet van der heijden: Receptionist
  • Myra Yapcengco: Receptionist
  • Angelika Haberl: Receptionist