Adapted Villas

A wheelchair-accessible villa close to the rehabilitation centre.

We can supply a fantastic villa on the Costa Blanca around the corner from the rehabilitation centre. We have 2 very wheelchair-friendly luxury villas available to us. Both villas are luxurious and will make your stay more pleasant. One villa has a very large heated pool with a special wheelchair entrance. So you can enjoy complete luxury and comfort during your stay.

Personal carer and/or tour guide
If requested we can supply a travel companion/tour guide and/or a personal carer/nurse so that you may really enjoy your stay.

Orthopaedic products

The villas are specially adapted for people with movement problems. For example, they all have extra wide doors for wheelchair users. These modifications make them suitable for a comfortable stay.

Furthermore, there is no charge for the following:

  • adjustable bed (hospital bed)
  • adjustable bed (Xenofilia V)
  • shower chair
  • transport wheelchair
  • pool wheelchair

Several other pieces of equipment such as wheelchair lifts can be rented.


Available adapted villas