How it works

General Information: Medical Treatment in Spain

More and more patients in the Europe who need medical treatment are put on long hospital waiting lists and then decide to seek medical treatment abroad. Medical procedures in foreign hospitals are now often fully reimbursed by most medical funds. The Hospital Clinica Benidorm (Benidorm Clinic Hospital) and the Medifit Rehabilitation Centre have a “Medical Air Bridge ” designed to allow medical treatment for patients form all over the world (even if you spend the winter here).

The Hospital Clinica Benidorm is an excellent modern hospital. We have an outstanding international reputation. We employ many inernational medical specialists and leading experts known for their prestigious specialist treatment. Moreover, you will be able to communicate with our staff in your mother tongue.

According to the latest European health care legislation it is now possible for patients to choose in which country in the European Union they prefer to be treated, provided that the quality of the health care in the country they select is guaranteed to be equal to, or better than the treatment they could receive in their own country and also that the total cost of the treatment abroad is not more than the cost of the same treatment that they could receive in their own country. Because we comply with both of these conditions as stipulated by new European Union legislation, we can help you immediately without putting you on a waiting list.

We arrange everything for you, such as your travel arrangements, your stay in our hospital and all the other administrative matters. All you have to do is to regain your health.

No Language Barrier

All medical specialists at Hospital Clinica Benidorm/HCB-Europe speak English, Spanish and most as well Dutch and French. If you have a problem communicating with the nursing staff you may use our 24-hour translation service. You can also ask one of our tour guides to interpret for you.

Stap 1)  Diagnosis

You suffer from a knee or hip or knee problem and you have to have a medical intervention and/or a therapeutic rehabilitation. The required treatment may be a knee or hip replacement, an arthroscopy or a ligament reconstruction. Please contact us and we will supply you with all the relevant information to solve your problem.

Stap 2)  Budget

Your health insurance reimburses the cost of medical treatment abroad.

We have agreements with many healthcare insurers regarding treatment in our hospital. If your treatment is paid for in your country, they have also agreed to pay for the same treatment in Spain. Often it does not matter whether you have basic or supplementary health insurance.

We contact your health care insurance provider on your behalf, after you have given us permission to do so. We also supply you with a detailed quote, clearly listing all costs involved. In this way you know exactly what the complete treatment will cost beforehand.

Stap 3)  Preparations

We arrange the following for you:

  • Permission from your health care insurance
  • Travel and transfers from the airport to the hospital
  • Personal guidance and financial settlement 

After everything has been arranged, we send you a portfolio containing all the relevant information and your travel documents.

Stap 4)  Your journey

You can fly to Alicante, on arrival at the Alicante airport you will be met by our representative and transported to our hospital. The Hospital Clinica Benidorm is about 30 minutes from the Alicante airport by car.

You will be escorted by one of our tour guides up to the point where you have to register for admission to our hospital. Then one of our staff members will take care of you until you are comfortably settled in a bed in our hospital.

Stap 5)  Surgery


  • In some instances, you will be given medication approximately two hours before the surgery. This medication will make you feel drowsy.
  • You may not wear make-up, jewellery, spectacles or false teeth while you are being operated on. You may, however, keep your hearing aid.

The Surgery:

After the anaesthetic has taken effect, the surgery is performed by a surgical team and led by your doctor. During the operation, antibiotics are administered to reduce the chance of infection. The surgery takes about one to one and a half hours.

After the Surgery:

After the surgery you are moved to the recovery room where your progress is monitored and controlled. Once you have sufficiently recovered, you are returned to your ward where the nursing staff take care of you. 

Stap 6)  Rehabilitation in the hospital

One day after the surgery, rehabilitation begins under the supervision of the physiotherapist. Here, we strive to improve the mobility of the knee or hip, and the emphasis is on controlling the movement of the joint. By this we mean that you exercise your knee or hip as much as possible. If necessary, your leg is attached to a device that bends and stretches your knee and hip without forcing it. You are also given a set of exercises to improve the flexibility of your knee or hip. These exercises you do on your own.

Stap 7)  The rehabilitation centre

After discharge from the hospital (for a knee or hip replacement it is generally after 5 days) you stay in a luxury apartment hotel with full board. When you are ready to leave the hospital, we will take you to the Medifit Rehabilitation Centre. During the three weeks that you stay here you get daily rehabilitation treatment at the Medifit Rehabilitation Centre. This centre is located in the beautiful coastal town, Moraira, on the Costa Blanca. Throughout this period you have a free rental car at your disposal in order to enable you to enjoy everything the beautiful Costa Blanca has to offer you.

After you have been discharged from the rehabilitation centre you are transported to Alicante airport, where our staff will help you with your luggage and ensure that you have been checked in.

Furthermore, we ensure that all your documents and medical records are sent to the right place in your country.