Hospital Clínica Benidorm

The clinical hospital Benidorm is a modern, international private hospital situated on the Costa Blanca in Spain. We are equipped with the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment, which makes us a leading company in terms of investment in technology and knowledge. This was confirmed in 2010 when we were one of the top 4 private hospitals in Spain. In 2008 the Hospital Clínica Benidorm was awarded the first prize in the category “Large Private Hospitals.” In 2004 we were finalists and we were placed third in Spain and first in Valencia. We are ISO 9002:2008 certified by Aenor in all central departments of the hospital.

The new European health legislation has made it possible for patients to choose in which European country they want to be treated. We have a professionally-developed “medical airbridge” for you, and even if you have never been in Spain we will treat you at the Benidorm private hospital without putting you on a waiting list!

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Your trip to Spain, your stay in our hospital in Benidorm, professional support and taking care of all administrative matters …everything is carefully arranged for you!

So you have nothing else to worry about except regaining your health, and that is our ultimate goal! Even if you are hibernating on the Costa Blanca, you can benefit from our planned surgery or an examination and evaluation in our hospital, and once again, without any waiting lists. Let your health be our concern because we have a professional team of surgeons, doctors and nurses who can treat you, using the most advanced technological means. Moreover, you will be served in your mother tongue because there is an international team of top professionals to care for you!!

Because of the cooperation between General Electric and the Hospital Clinica Benidorm we are a leading centre with regards the use of the latest technological developments in Spain. We have established the radiotherapeutic institute of ITIC, the 16-slice PET/CT, as well as the Department of Nuclear Medicine. All these are examples of the most advanced technology presently used in Spain.

The culmination of our efforts and commitment so far was being placed first among the top 20 hospitals in Spain in 2004 and 2008 in the category for large private hospitals. The selection of the winners in this competition is done by an internationally renowned, independent research centre, IAsist, a member of Solucient Internacional’s services. They evaluated our services and rated them against benchmark standards for excellence.

Our goal for the future is to continue working under the quality requirements of ISO certification of ISO 9002 (at this moment 10), which we began doing 8 years ago, and the final consolidation of the ITIC (Comprehensive Cancer Institute) through the development of clinical studies and further collaboration in research projects with various government agencies.

We want to conclude this description by mentioning the special team of professionals who were and are stil involved in our journey to realize all our goals. Some of them started with us 25 years ago and are still with us. Many others have joined us in the course of our journey. The enthusiasm of the new partners and the continued dedication of those who started out with us, have always been to take an active part in creating a medical facility where the passion for medicine and the desire to deliver excellent services go hand in hand.