Rehabilitation Centre

The international Medifit Knee & Hip Rehabilitation Clinic that is part of Hospital Benidorm (HCB) is known for its modern and successful rehabilitation programmes coupled with excellent medical care. Here the rehabilitation programme focuses on all knee an hip problems, such as artroses, arthritis, ligament lesions, meniscal lesions, instability,  and so on.

The rehabilitation department is equipped with the most advanced equipment and an experienced international team of top physicians, specialists and therapists. In addition, our team of nursing staff and administrative staff are at your service to see to every nursing and administrative need you may have in a professional and humane manner. We provide all this medical care under one roof. This ranges from physical therapy & rehabilitation, post-operative checks, wound care and x-rays to ECG or ultrasound examinations. We offer a complete, specialised medical package aimed at healing your knee or hip problems.

Of course we make sure to keep abreast of the latest developments in medicine and rehabilitation in order to ensure that we give you the best care and advice. We employ more than 30 renowned doctors, specialists and therapists, who are always ready to give you the best service. Many specialists working in the Hospital Clínica Benidorm also consult at the Medifit Rehabilitation Centre.

All rehabilitation and therapy treatments are provided by our friendly and professional team of therapists, using the latest and most advanced equipment, treatment techniques and protocols. The therapy at the rehabilitation centre is headed by Dutchmen, Michael Martorell Schonenberg and Gerard Krol. They lead a team of physiotherapists, manual therapists, chiropractors, an osteopath, dieticians, a podiatrist, psychotherapists and an acupuncturist. 

Working closely with the specialist treating you we design a special rehabilitation programme to speed up your recovery in a professional, controlled and safe manner. We are all especially trained in the rehabilitation of knee and hip joints. 

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What should you expect from us?

According to our vision, the following aspects are our priorities: to do only the things we do well; to measure is to know; innovative computer designed tests and measuring instruments are used to help you and us to keep your progress on track, because every complaint from you is our concern; we collaborate on your recovery to achieve maximum results and customer satisfaction.

A rehabilitation treatment focuses not only on the disease or condition itself, but also ultimately tries to relieve or eliminate as many symptoms of the problem as possible with as many lasting effects as possible. The goal of the rehabilitation treatment is to allow the rehabilitated person to function independently in all possible respects in society after the rehabilitation treatment. It may be that there are lasting effects of a disease or a condition. In this case, we teach the rehabilitant to manage the disability effectively in order to deal with the limitation. The rehabilitation treatment is sometimes done individually and at other times in groups. The disorder has implications not only for the patient, but also for the people in his/her immediate environment. We ensure that these people are closely involved in the rehabilitation process.

The therapy/rehabilitation protocol is designed according to the latest available research and meets all international guidelines. We pay much attention to the prevention of complaints, therefore supplying you with a personal exercise programme when you leave in order to allow you to work at your own level of fitness and maintain it when you are at home.




Have you recently developed a knee problem or have you been complaining about it for a long time? Do the complaints impact negatively on your lifestyle at home at work and on your participation in sports? If this is applicable to you, then you need help and an assessment from an expert. Our knee rehabilitation programme offers both an assessment and help from experts. The latest treatment techniques are part of our rehabilitation programmes and you will find that your complaint is the focus of our care.

The Knee and Hip Rehabilitation Programme is a treatment and training programme developed by us. It incorporates the latest knowledge and research. We have years of experience in the field of knee and hip rehabilitation. Our approach is an extensive intake procedure and evaluation using the very latest measuring and testing equipment. Information/advice on the development and progress of the complaint and active rehabilitation are paramount. You have a knee or hip problem and you want advice and help to effectively combat your particular problem. In addition to our roles as coaches and advisors we also encourage you to fight your symptoms effectively.