The Medifit Knee/Hip Rehabilitation Programme consists of:

The Intake Procedure

Each treatment process always starts with an extensive intake procedure, the so-called baseline assessment, which pays attention your verbal request and your expectations. A physical examination and a number of measurements in terms of strength, stability, agility and coordination of the problem joint is also done.

Unique in our test methodology is the use of a number of computer controlled measuring instruments. This enables us to objectively determine and record your problem on arrival at our facility. The test data forms the basis for your hip/knee rehabilitation programme. This programme is used by one of the Medifit therapists to design a tailor-made treatment protocol for you.

The Treatment

We follow a self-developed activity and behavioral treatment protocol that meets international standards. From Monday to Friday you will have at least 2 treatment sessions per day. You will receive rehabilitation therapy in the gymnasium as well as your 1 to 2 treatments per day. The treatments can be, physiotherapy, orthopaedic manual therapy, a massage, acupuncture, relaxation therapy or a lymph drainage. This unique protocol is divided into two phases, namely:

1.    the treatment phase at the impairment level (0-3 weeks)
2.    the functional limitation level, increasing the joint load phase (2-6 weeks)

These treatments include the following:

The FIRST Phase:

Individual therapy

  • providing information and advice related to your complaints
  • treatment focused on “pain management” (mobilization and manual techniques)
  • lymph drainage, manually (The Vodder method) and/or pressotherapy
  • combating inflammation
  • improvement of muscular function
  • strengthening joint load, walking with one or two crutches
  • wound care and removal of sutures if possible

Gymnasium exercises

  • building a practice and training programme aimed at restoring the sense of movement. (“How do I learn to move safely”?)
  • muscular strength and endurance improvement
  • coordination and stability training
  • improving walking and phasing out walking aids
  • functional exercises (practice transfers, etc.)
 The SECOND phase:
  • start of the active stabilizing and mobilizing exercise
  • start of the functional training focused on e.g. running training and normalizing daily activities
  • improving physical activity, so control of your symptoms increases
  • improving mobility, strength, coordination and balance
  • lymph drainage/edema therapy

Increased aerobic endurance

  • exercisee in the hydrotherapy pool
  • attention to and advice for the management of your remaining complaints
  • testing your physical performance
  • advice and information on self-management, (How do I become my own therapist “?)

The evaluation departure phase

There is a comprehensive evaluation every second week. Here your level of rehabilitation is tested again. If necessary, the programme is adjusted and/or a surgeon and/or a doctor is called in.

During this phase we will focus on the manner in which your original complaint has been addressed and whether the treatment has met your expectations. We will also, by means of a final measurement test, compare the results of your first baseline assessment with this last assessment to determine the progress that has been made. Finally, we discuss a preventative exercise programme with you and we inform your family physician or specialist about your progress by supplying a detailed report for them.

What role does the physiotherapist play in the Medifit Knee/Hip Rehabilitation Programme?

The physiotherapists who offer the Knee/Hip Rehabilitation Programme are specially trained in the coaching and consulting role they fulfill. The sports physiotherapist monitors the treatment and training. An orthopaedic manual therapist performs measurements and tests during the programme.